Having introduced numerous satisfied clients to Derek for over 20 years I would have no hesitation recommending him to anyone seeking professional, quality and highly personalised legal advice Andrew Prosser

Prosser Knowles Associates

After briefly meeting Derek at a networking event in 2016, he has fast become a go to source for me. Advising me in particular on a recent matter concerning an agreement lease on an office in London.
Derek instantly made me feel comfortable speaking to him about the issue and was able to come back to me very quickly with sound and constructive advice on my matter.
Quite often when you go to seek advice you can sometimes feel like your matter is a small instance in a solicitors day, but this was certainly not the case with Derek, as he took a completely personal approach to the matter acting in my best interests throughout. I would have absolutely no concerns in recommending Derek to anyone I know for their requirements. A total delight to work with.Thank you Derek!
Daniel .C. Lewis

I have recently had cause to refer a couple of my clients to Derek Simmonds – The Dispute Resolution Lawyer for litigation advice and support.

The feedback and results that this has brought to my clients has been superb.

The efficiency and professionalism that Derek provides through his business is second to none and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to other businesses needing clear, cost effective and customer orientated support.


Sara Marrett

Director – HR Dept Worcestershire

…Your preparation proved to be invaluable and I have no doubt contributed significantly to achieving such a swift agreement.



Derek has acted on our behalf since 2012 in connection with very complex proceedings involving the repossession of a farm and cattle. This led to High Court Proceedings challenging the validity of our agreements and indemnities which were successfully opposed. Difficult costs claims and a host of satellite issues had to be dealt with including Mediation. This also involved a long trial, high values and a colossal amount of paperwork. There have been many tricky problems to overcome.

Derek’s work has also extended to overseeing an array of different proceedings in Scotland working with our Scottish Lawyers.

The quality of the service and advice we have received can only be described as excellent!

Derek has gone the extra mile with us working for us at weekends, out of hours and even when he is holiday.

I like working with Derek because he took the time to understand our requirements and to understand the way we do business. He is also very intuitive and practical, an excellent advisor and supporter

Derek Fradgley

Managing Director, Outlook Finance Ltd

Derek came by personal recommendation, which is always a good start, and I am in turn pleased to pass on this recommendation to anyone reading this, who is up against it, feeling stressed and pressurised, and needs good legal advice and representation.

In Derek Simmonds we have had a strong advocate in our corner, who cuts through obfuscation and gets straight to the point.  He distilled issues and arguments with precision and crisp clear language: he tells it like it is, both to us and for us.  He is sharp.  He tells us up front what the costs will be and sticks to it.  Above all, he gave us confidence which sustained us in tricky times.


Bill and Su McConnel

I have used Derek since last August 2016 to provide me with business support . He has helped me with planning the re organisation of my business. This has involved complex negotiations and heads of terms with a joint venture partner which has concluded with a successful outcome.

I have found Derek to be very personable and approachable person who takes the time to understand what I need. I have particularly liked working with Derek because he demonstrates and communicates his knowledge and experience careful, methodically, and in layman’s terms.

I will be using him further to help me plan for the next stage of the development of my business .

Managing Director


I have known Derek and used him since 2009
Derek has always been on the end of a phone for me which is very important for my  business ; if he cannot deal with an issue he will always find some one who can.
I used Derek on a very complex dispute back in 2009 which lasted nearly 4 years , Derek was there every step of the way.
If there were any issues he was always very thorough as to the  consequences and also getting the paperwork in order.
I found him cautious, knowledgeable and providing good advice .
I’ve continued to use Derek in business expansion , in fact we use him for any issues where we may need a lawyer, anything from a letter for a small debt or claim , a  lease or any conveyancing work.
Jason Tucker

Venture Construction and Developments

Derek has been extremely professional & supportive through such challenging times dealing with the estate of my late mother. He is very polite, compassionate & efficient. He has been open & honest about the services I do & do not need from him and my options going forward.

I am extremely grateful for the expert advice he has given me and the speed in which he responds to communication is outstanding. After just one meeting with Derek I felt reassured that I was in the right hands. Highly recommended – Thank you Derek!

Connor Jones